Our Services


Bettamask is the most user-friendly wallet on the market. Bettamask will have numerous tools to help beginners to experienced traders with trading decentralized coins. Users will be able to purchase tokens easily with their credit card.


Bettatrade is a powerful exchange. Users who love day trading and profit from technical analysis will be able to take advantage of trading platforms that are free.


Bettadating is not only a dating application but also a platform to promote social events and gatherings based on different categories.


Bettaspace is a application that will allow users to rent or lease properties using Bettacoin.


Bettatruck is a application for truck drivers and people who are looking for drivers to move their merchandise. We offer truck driving school, truck repair and places where drivers can rest for a affordable rate.

When users pay with their card for the services provided above we will have a system setup buying bettacoin and storing it in a locked wallet to increase its value.